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224 downloads of my ‘Avicii - The Days' remake in just a few days!
thank you all so much for the amazing feedback and support!

new stuff coming soon!


click it for a free download ^

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couple of tracks almost done,
over 160 original melodies, chord progressions,
and unfinished projects saved.
producing completely new stuff all day tomorrow!
(if i’m not dragged to the doctors to get surgery on a
possible aortic aneurysm.)
keep in check for more music!

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[SO, i hit the tumblr follow limit for the day!
ALL new followers of the blog will be getting a follow
as soon as the limit resets and i’m able to!

Thank you all for following!

New Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/imosteeze

New Bandcamp: www.mosteeze.bandcamp.com

My past uploads are now FREE to download!

You can get them here (soundcloud
completely free of charge
and here (bandcamp
which gives you a choice to pay any price you want 
to buy the songs/albums to support the artist!

I will also be uploading all of my future tracks 
to youtube and bandcamp!

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